Video: How To Get an Alaska Medical Marijuana License Card


Enjoy The Benefits Of Medical Marijuana With A Medical Marijuana License

The situation has changed a lot and not it is quite easy to apply for medical marijuana patient’s license. In the years 1999, a law called Ballot Measure 8 was issued which clearly stated that those who have medical marijuana and have a valid license would not be treated as a criminal. They are free to use medical marijuana.

However, those who don’t have a valid medical marijuana license can be arrested for possession of medical marijuana. If you have a valid license, keep in mind that you can’t keep more than 30 grams of medical marijuana.

The process of getting Alaska medical marijuana patient license

1.To obtain a valid medical marijuana or cannabis license, first, you need to obtain a statement signed by a valid doctor. The statement will prove that you are examined for a qualified health condition.

2.The doctor must give a statement that you have diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition, and medical marijuana can be used to treat your health condition.

3.After that the doctor will provide you an application which can contain the following information:

  • Name, date of birth, driver license, passport or any identification numbers of the patient.
  • Name, contact number and address of the doctor.
  • You need to provide the information about your alternative or primary caregiver number along with the required statement.
  • If there is a minor patient, a statement from a parent will be needed to apply for the medical marijuana license. The form will come included with the information about the risk and health benefit of medical cannabis, and the parent needs to give their consent for this.

4.The alternative or primary caregiver needs to be:

  • Around 21 years old or above.
  • The person name should not be there under any criminal list. He/she has never been convicted to the offense comes under Law AS 11.71 or AS 11.73.
  • The person should not be on probation or Alaska jurisdiction.

Things that you are not allowed to do while using medical marijuana

  • You are not allowed to display your medical marijuana license in front of the public.
  • You can’t keep more than one ounce of medical marijuana.
  • You can grow three mature and immature plant at your home.
  • You are now allowed to use medical marijuana within 500 feet of any educational institution.
  • You can’t sell medical marijuana to the third party.

Keep these things in mind while applying for your medical marijuana patient card and remember to do it under the legal framework.