Some Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Marijuana

Whether you’re a medical marijuana user, supporter or even oppose its use, you definitely want to know about the drug. Medical marijuana, unlike other drugs, is quite different and unique. It has been illegal and highly stigmatized for ages before its legalization. Despite being legalized, researchers have not established the long term effects of marijuana. Either way, you want to know what about the drug provides its health benefits. The questions frequently asked start from the drug’s information, uses, dosage and consequences. Below, are branched segments of the questions you may have and their answers.

What is the chemical composition of medical marijuana?

Medical cannabis has a number of cannabinoids. However, the two main chemical components in marijuana are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the cannabinoid (CBD). THC is the component that is responsible for body stimulation. It is more psychoactive compared to CBD and responsible for raising your appetite. CBD, on the other hand, is less psychoactive and responsible for reducing chronic body pains.

How many marijuana strains are in existence?

There are thousands of medical marijuana strains. They may be from Indica, Sativa or hybrid strains. The indica strain is well known to help with pain and insomnia. Sativa strains, on the other hand, tend to have a high THC content. Therefore, they mainly give a user the high experienced when consumed and help with pain too. You can order the strain of your choice from a licensed medical marijuana delivery.

What are the different marijuana products and how to consume them?

There is a wide variety of marijuana products. They include strains, concentrates, edibles, topicals, tincture, gears, beverages, and much more. The form of consumption varies with each medical cannabis product. For instance, strains can either be rolled into a joint and smoked or dipped into water to make a beverage. Concentrates are usually high on THC and made by adding solvents such as butane. Different types of concentrates comprise of wax and oils. These concentrates are usually heated and then inhaled. Edibles are marijuana-infused foods.

They could be informed of brownies, ice cream, cookies, sweets, cakes and even cookies. Edibles take long to bring out the marijuana effects but the effects last longer once processed. Topicals are marijuana products that are applied to the skin and could be creams or lotions. Tinctures are marijuana products which have extracted cannabinoids mixed with either alcohol or glycerin. They are usually in small bottles that can be sprayed into the mouth. Tinctures are best suitable for your children as the cannabis taste is mild and dosage can be controlled. Gears are medical marijuana accessories such as vaporizers which are a wonderful alternative to smoking. Vaporizers allow you to inhale the cannabinoid steam while preventing the harmful combusted properties.

What are the effects of using marijuana?

When you buy marijuana online or from a local dispensary, you are sure to experience various effects. The effects you feel vary with each medical marijuana product. Also, different people feel different effects even with the same strain or product. The effects likely to be experienced include; pain relief, reduced nausea, increased appetite, relaxation, euphoria, sleep, creativity and increased concentration. However, medical marijuana may also make you have a short memory loss.

What conditions are treatable by medical cannabis?

Weed helps in treating conditions like cancer, glaucoma, seizure, arthritis, anxiety, sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and diseases related to chronic pain. Weed also helps with AIDS and hepatitis C and symptoms related to nausea and lack of sleep. The conditions treatable by medical marijuana are many but defer with different states. Therefore, you should check with your state law to confirm that your condition is eligible for marijuana use.

What do you need to access medical marijuana?

Within the states that have legalized cannabis for treatment, you need to apply for a medical identity card. You will also need to have a recommendation from a medical marijuana doctor. With a medical marijuana ID, you can buy marijuana online.

Can you buy medical weed from anywhere?

No, you cannot. Despite being in possession of a medical marijuana identification card, you can only buy from legalized dispensaries. Therefore, even when you get a medical marijuana delivery, ensure that the company is licensed, certified and authorized.

Should you drive after consuming medical cannabis?

Definitely not. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) classifies medical marijuana as a schedule-1 drug. Therefore, driving under the influence of marijuana is against the law. Since marijuana gives your body stimulation, it may make you swerve on the road hence causing accidents.

Can minors use medical marijuana?

Minors just like adults must be recommended for medical marijuana use by medical cannabis specialists. However, their dose is controlled and the product of consumption may be different. For instance, minors do not have a permit to smoke.

Can you enjoy marijuana and have a great life?

Absolutely! Medical marijuana grants you an easy and calm way of enjoying life despite having a serious medical condition.