Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized Worldwide

One of the things that have been good about the last two-three decades is seeing the legalization of marijuana and people fighting it to get it done. Yes, it has been great, but do you think it is enough? The legalization of marijuana is a hot topic in every country these days, and many of them have even done that. Yet, there are several countries in the world that do not permit the use of marijuana. Now, I am not advocating marijuana just without any base.

Over the years, thousands of experiments have been carried out to see if it is actually helpful or not, and the results have been true. Marijuana has many health benefits and certainly help you in leading a stress-free life. Proven benefits of marijuana have been amazing to see. If legalizing is such a problem, then the countries can make medical marijuana laws and guide the people about its usage. It will definitely be perfect.

Without taking much of your time, let us jump on the reasons why marijuana should be legalized worldwide.

– Medical Reasons: Now, this is a reason which is known to almost all, but not understands its importance. For years it has been observed that marijuana has been successfully used to help people who have serious health problems, including cancer patients. Patients who suffer from cancer will not have to travel to different places just to get access to marijuana. The stigma attached to marijuana has made many sick patients afraid to get cannabis. It relives the chemotherapy problems that patients go through and also help people who have Alzheimer’s disease and several others. Legalizing marijuana over the world will make the lives of several people hassle-free and longer.

– Increase In the country’s capital: We all know that millions of people consume marijuana across the world. Imagine if that could be used to make money and that too in the right manner. Governments all over the world will see a rise in their economies because of legalization. Whether it’s for cities, states, or countries, making money is always important. Marijuana is one of the largest crops in the world, and it can bring jobs in the countries too. More jobs will equal more revenue. Imagine the amount of taxes the government can charge to make money. And then, the cash can be used to make countries prosper.

– Safer than alcohol and drugs: How many times have you heard that someone died from a marijuana overdose? Or, someone got killed because of marijuana intake? I guess, none. Now, tell me what the number of people getting killed due to alcohol and drugs is? The number is quite high, and when you include the accidents that take place due to drugs and alcohol, then it will be quite disheartening. Marijuana is not a drug that can cause you to do something stupid or make you jump out of the roof. It is safer, and that’s the best part of it.

– Legal sale can stop wrong consumption: Anything that is illegal makes people want to do it. The case is quite similar when it comes to marijuana. Use of marijuana among young teenagers has gone up rapidly, and it is because of illegal means of getting it. Now if you legalize it, there are high chances of people not taking marijuana illegally at higher prices. Identification cards can be made, and they could be used to sell marijuana to people who are in need. Not to everyone and anyone.

– It even has nutritional value: Now, many of you may find it tough to believe, but marijuana also has high nutritional value. According to research, the seeds of marijuana can be consumed directly in salads as it is rich in proteins, calcium, and some other essential minerals.

– Fewer people in jails: This one is quite a funny one, but true in all aspects. There are several people put in jail every year because of marijuana-related causes if it is legalized the problems will get solved. Streets will be clean, and no chances of people getting hurt because of marijuana. It will also save the cost of governments because of the constant increase in criminals living in jails.