Medical Marijuana Legalized

The state of California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana, Proposition 215. California Senate Bill 420 passed in 2004. The purposes for this bill are the following; to clarify the identification of qualified patients and their caregiver. Act upon the consistency of the application of their activities within the state of the countries. Broaden the access of patients and caregivers of medical marijuana through projects with cooperation.

Twenty-one states and DC have legalized this medical medicine. Maryland laws will take effect on June 2014. Each medical cannabis state that has outlined a medical cannabis program allows for approved patients to receive a recommendation from a licensed physician to apply for a state-issued medical marijuana identification card, to grow and purchase this medicine.

There are pros and cons to medical cannabis. The following pros can help qualified patients with; chronic pain, severe nausea, anxiety disorders, apnea, muscle spasms and seizures. Decreased in their symptoms of 30.2% after becoming a patient. The following cons are; Increased in risk psychosis, inferior effectiveness in glaucoma and increased in the risk of chronic illness, like Schizophrenia. Also hallucinations and loss of memory.

This medical medicinal can also help stimulate patients appetite in cancer and eating disorders. With every pro, there is a con that follows. This medicine has been used for thousands of years. Ancients cultures such as; Chinese, Greek, Arab, and Native Americans practice in this medicine as well. William Brooke Oishaughnessy, was a physician in Calcutta, in the modern western world. This healing prescription became the primary pain reliever by the end of the nineteenth century. Patients should use medical marijuana properly and never abuse this. Another location to shop for this certified medicine Is Hyrdroponics stores, such as; in Long Beach California.

The pending states will not be legalized until a decision is made. There are petitions and other documents that can help if the people of their state are interested in helping with the final decisions upon their state of residence. You must follow and obey each guidelines properly, if you are trying to be a certified medical marijuana patient