Medical Marijuana Doctors in RI Guide You in Getting License For Medical Marijuana Card

Marijuana is a preparation from cannabis plant that contains psychoactive properties and is widely used by people addicted to drugs. Hence this is banned in the society by many governments. However, marijuana has been in use for the medical purpose from long time offering great relief to patients to alleviate nausea, pain or other symptoms associated with devastating medical conditions like cancer or AIDS.

There is always a debate in using marijuana for medical condition in the medical fraternity. But some states like Rhode Island have come up with special medical marijuana laws that approved the usage of Marijuana under strict supervision and guidance of the medical marijuana doctors in ri to treat certain medical conditions offering relief for the patients from their suffering.

But it doesn’t mean that ri medical marijuana laws alter the federal statutes or regulations prohibiting the possession and usage of Marijuana but has come up with some qualifying conditions that has to be strictly met to use the medical marijuana prescribed by the concerned physicians. So to have full guidance on acquiring medical marijuana you can actually meet the medical marijuana consultants who help you with initial review of your medical records that includes non-invasive physical examination, checking your medical records for the past five years and give a report that helps you to get the medical marijuana card and renewals for becoming eligible to use marijuana.

The qualifying conditions are also discussed by the Rhode Island medical marijuana doctors who are approved for you to use the drug. Some conditions include cancer, glaucoma, HIV, AIDS and also hepatitis C which generally result in symptoms like cachexia, chronic pain, severe nausea, seizures, muscle spasm etc which are believed to be under control using medical marijuana. However, you should remember that the medical marijuana consultants are just physicians to offer their review but are not concerned in treating any of your prevailing medical conditions. They also do provide marijuana to the patients or is a prescription but a license that allows patients to either cultivate marijuana themselves or assign an authorized caregiver to do so or acquire it from any compassion center.

Moreover, the Rhode Island marijuana act permits patients to posses this drug if certified by the physician in written that it alleviates their symptoms and offers potential benefits in treating their debilitating medical condition. However, the patient is not supposed to cultivate more than 12 plants or 2.5 ounces of marijuana that can be readily used.