Medical Marijuana – Another Lawsuit in Favor

Born with Epilepsy, permanent blindness and also cerebral palsy, 30 year old Malinda Traudt is now fighting her way through lawsuits to ensure that she can protect her rights to Life and Safety under the Constitution of California. She is currently suffering from Osteoporosis which only adds on to her other problems. Hailing from San Clemente, she has tried out every traditional form of medication to reduce her suffering but none of them were effective over long periods of time.

She has however tried cannabis which she got from the Beach cities collective in the Capistrano Beach region. She found that this form of treatment apart from being completely non-invasive was also the most pain free she had had in a long time. Her lawyer Jeff Schwartz stated in a press release that the fact that their case banks on the fundamental right to life put them in the driver’s seat.

After many pain treatment procedures Traudt and her family were suggested to see hospice as an alternative form of treatment. Her mother Shelly White advised her to go to beach cities and try what they claimed was ‘Life Saving Medicine’. The city of Dana Point however, sued close to six medical dispensaries to force them to shut down as clinics of such repute were not to be allowed under the constitution and the municipal code. The lawsuit filed by Malinda Traudt in Orange county looks to achieve an injunction to prevent the city from trying to sue or shut down these clinics among which is the collective.

In fact there are many doctors and scientists who still believe that some eye related pain can be controlled by the use of Cannabis. Medical Marijuana though unlawful is not without scientific proof. There are many painkillers which act in the same way that cannabis does but has a number of side effects and is also extremely addictive. There are many other places in other countries that have considered legalizing the use of cannabis under medical marijuana acts.

Attorney Schwartz noted that the judges of Orange County have sided with the dispensaries, which bans cities from suing them. The most recent case was in Lake Forest where the attorneys managed to argue the case successfully citing that such bans violate the local zoning laws of the respective zones. He stated in his release that when a city intervenes with the basic fundamental rights that every individual is granted, it is to prove that there is a common public interest that is achieved by the ban and the cities always end up losing those battles. The fact that other people are also contributing to her cause, only adds weight to Malinda’s case.

There are other factors to the whole cannabis issue, like its addictive nature and its ability to cause lung cancer. The ability of this drug to alleviate pain is not unknown and scientists and researchers are working on ways to use the chemicals extracted from it in a more controlled fashion.