Medical Marijuana and things that you should know

Marijuana is no longer confined to medical books, the popularity of medical marijuana continues to grow. And the reason for its increasing fame is its effectiveness. Many organizations have run many awareness programs to take this forward, in different places. The result of the same is that now there is a lot of enthusiasm among the people. And in many medical studies, it is considered to be a very suitable medical treatment for severe diseases. But some of the news also comes that says something else about it. Let’s have a look at its status.

Status of medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana has become the choice of everyone over ordinary medicine. Awareness of the people and its import gave it the status to be legalized in many states. If we look in the US itself, it is legal in more than 33 states and it comes in the list of medical marijuana states. But here it is stated in 2 parts, in some states, medical advice is mandatory for medical marijuana, then there is no such provision on the other side. Montana, Arizona, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania etc are the states where doctor’s recommendation is mandatory and Washington, Oregon, California, Michigan etc are the states, where doctor’s recommendation is not necessary for the medical marijuana treatment. This means that medical marijuana states in the US operate on their own separate provisions. The rules and regulations for cannabis treatment of every state are different along with the formalities.

According to the Medical Marijuana News Update, Washington is a state that does not require a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana. But in Washington, the CBD has been banned completely, although a licensed cannabis dealer is outside the ban, but the kind of marijuana products used to be available at grocery, bars, coffee shops will no longer be sold. But if someone wants to consume CBD products, he can do it legally, buthe is required to be 21 years of age.

Teens are consuming heavy marijuana, the news is coming from Arizona. According to the news, about 33% have tried marijuana, and about 24% have consumed marijuana concentrate. And this is the research result of students of tenth and twelfth grade. Increasing marijuana addiction in Teens can be very harmful to their health. Very scary for his future. This research done at this age tells this result. Its effects can be harmful to their lives.

One expert reveals that cannabis does not affect cancer patients so much. This news of medical marijuana news update is really serious. An expert believes that some drugs produce special cells in the immune system to fight cancer and the cannabis comparatively weakens the immune system. So they believe that cannabis weakens sales.

 Just a few days ago, it was reported that the Canadian Marijuana Medical Company Tilray has decided to sell marijuana medical abroad as well by signing a deal with some other company named Novartis subsidiary Sandoz. They will sell medical marijuana in the countries where it is legal, their aim is to spread medical marijuana to maximum people and spread awareness about it. Two companies have come together to add more and more people and also to the marijuana business abroad.

Medical marijuana use can prove dangerous during pregnancy. According to the medical surgeon, the use of medical marijuana during pregnancy causes damage to the fetal. There is no complete development of the brain, pre-mature birth, loss of newborn weight, all these reasons can be due to the consumption of cannabis. According to the surgeon, pregnant women and teenagers should not consume marijuana. Recently, President Donald Trump has given permission to run a digital campaign for marijuana damage.

Medical marijuana has always been a topic of discussion, from its legalization to the declaration of medical marijuana states, it has been fiercely debated on every occasion. The state which has declared medical marijuana also has its own rules for taking treatment there. On the other hand, we get to hear mixed news about its status. Although the fact is that medical marijuana is highly effective and successful in its field but it cannot be denied that its excessive consumption is dangerous for health. Consumption is better if it is done to any extent, otherwise, the consequences are worse. The same situation with medical marijuana, the limited intake will definitely benefit health.