Medical Marijuana And Its Uses

Medical marijuana or medical cannabis is any part of the marijuana plant that is utilized for treating plentiful health problems. Used for relieving people from their health symptoms, medical marijuana is prescribed by the doctors for their patients. It is not only in today’s time that medical marijuana is considered for treating a vast range of health problems.

Even a thousand years back, people of many cultures made use of the cannabis plant to treat different conditions. A limited amount of evidence suggests that cannabis can help in reducing nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy, improving appetite in people with HIV/AIDS, and reducing chronic pain and muscle spasms. It is owing to these and more beneficial effects that medical marijuana is being utilized for treating a significant number of health problems.

Having said that, let’s shed light on the ingredients of medical marijuana plants. Marijuana plants comprise hundreds of chemicals, known as cannabinoids, which are classified into two types, namely THC and CBD. While THC offers individuals with some of the pleasurable effects, CBD doesn’t cause you to get high. As far as the use in the medical field is concerned, the THC type has effects that may treat multiple medical problems. Apart from easing pain, nausea, and loss of appetite in people with cancer and HIV, medical marijuana also helps in relieving multiple sclerosis symptoms such as muscle stiffness and spasms, pain, and frequent urination.

Medical marijuana is considered to be an alternative healing method in today’s time. Many states in the US such as California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York allow for reduced or no penalties if cannabis use has a medical basis. However, even after the legalization of marijuana in Washington and Colorado, an employee may still be fired if they test positive on a drug test, despite having a doctor’s recommendation. Needless to say, the legalization and the use of medical marijuana is in the hands of the government.

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