Effects Of Medical Marijuana On Migraines

In recent years, the use of several varieties of medications to treat certain diseases. A very popular option is medical marijuana. Known for having a higher amount of cannabinoid (CBD) Compared to Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Medical marijuana has been made legal in some states. It has been found effective in the treatment of several ailments like; aches, nausea, anxiety, and other health related problems. Medical marijuana is considered safe for treatment, because its major component, which is CBD does not contain any psychoactive compounds. Therefore, it doesn’t make users “high” after usage.

While there have been many successful cases and treatment of various ailments using CBD, one that hasn’t been proven viable yet is its effects against migraines. To properly understand why it is such an important topic, it is best to touch on what exactly migraines are.

Migraines & Its Symptoms

Migraines are more or less like a prolonged ache in the head. It can cause throbbing in a certain area of the head and can last for some hours to days. Migraines can be so bad and chronically that it can become disabling, making a patient bed ridden for some days. For a lot of people, there usually is an aura that accompanies a migraine episode.
The aura is very relative to an individual, as it could be slightly impaired vision, tingling sensation in the neck or arms, or just a light throbbing. Migraines usually begin between the ages of adolescence and can occur from anywhere between weekly to daily. In which case, the latter can be a cause for concern.

Conventional Treatment Of Migraines

Migraines have no cure. It can only be managed, which is why most patients are encouraged to make better lifestyle choices. These changes are usually made based on what provokes migraines in patients. For example, starvation, a sudden change in temperature, stress, and medication. Apart from these, patients are usually prescribed over-the-counter medications for pain.

Is Medical Marijuana Effective For Treating Migraines?

Medical marijuana is very popular in the treatment of different types of aches. As a matter of fact, a lot of people believe it works for nothing else. However, migraines are a different story, as there haven’t been any solidified proof. Notwithstanding, a recent study at the University of Colorado has some interesting findings as regards this topic.
In this study, 121 individuals who suffer from migraine frequently were treated with medical marijuana daily. 50 of these individuals reported that the frequency of their migraines was cut in half. Also, it was discovered that the mode of taking the drug had a lot to do with its effectiveness. The 50 individuals who reported improvements took the medical marijuana via inhalation, while the others took edible products.

Although this isn’t concrete proof that medical marijuana is very effective for migraines considering the number of individuals, it is a great start. Surely, more research can be done, until a more concrete solution to migraines is found. However, until that happens, it is better for patients to get regular medical checkup and listen to advise from doctors.