Complete Guide to Marijuana Strains

Cannabis is an intriguing plant class genus popular for its mind-altering and medicinal properties. Its utilization and cultivation date back as far as written language itself, and its therapeutic and spiritual utility spans many cultures around the world throughout history. In spite of its ubiquity, you may not completely understand what cannabis is or why there are a huge number of various named strains flooding markets around the world.

Here, we’ll bring a jump into how the plant is defined, what it is utilized for, and why it’s taken on so many forms since its earliest uses in human society. If you have read a little about marijuana, or if you enter most dispensaries, you may see the words indica, sativa, and hybrid. Generally, people divide cannabis into these three categories. Indica, which is found from the Hindu Kush mountains of India has a relaxing effect on the userSativa has a stimulating impact, while hybrid is a blend of the two.

What is Cannabis Used for?

Today, cannabis consumption is generally divided into two essential uses: recreational and medical. Recreational cannabis users may utilize cannabis for different purposes, like enjoyment, stress reduction, and creative stimulation. Medical consumers use cannabis to ease side effects, for example, pain, uneasiness, sleep deprivation, hunger loss, and more. Cannabis contains several active compounds that provide a range of health advantages. THC and CBD are two of cannabis’ most outstanding compounds, despite the fact that there are a lot more that offer a unique range of impacts.

The cannabis plant is likewise a significant agricultural resource. The strong fibers of hemp have been used to make ropes, clothing, textiles, building materials, and more. It also delivers nutritious consumable seeds loaded up with basic amino acids, protein, and other significant minerals. Cannabis byproducts can also be manufactured into cooking oils and can even function as a sustainable bio fuel.

How to Choose a Strain

The strain you pick relies upon what effect you want. As referenced before, cannabis has a range of medicinal uses, yet a few strains are preferred for specific conditions over others. It is also worth looking into the potential adverse effects of the strain. A large number of the more typical strains, which you can find below are dry mouth, dry eyes, and dizziness as possible symptoms. Marijuana also has the potential to interface with drugs you may be taking.

Different Types of New Cannabis Strains

Here is a list of most popular marijuana strains and what you can expect from them:

Blue Dream: 

As a mixture among Blueberry and Purple Haze, Blue Dream has been a mainstream and favorite in California for quite a long time and has immediately become one of the top sellers in recreational markets around the nation. Blue Dream buds contain a blend of pastel green and dark forest green in coloration and provides a taste that is reminiscent of a blueberry pastry or a dark berry. Since it’s a 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid, this strain is incredible when taken day or night, and gives users a loose and easy-going mood.

Sour Diesel: 

A 90 percent sativa strain, Sour Diesel originated in California and has become a popular decision among celebrities. It is even considered as one of the most dominant cannabis strains, ever, with a smell so strong that it can’t be confused with another. Sour Diesel is known to invigorate a creative flow rapidly and convey empowering, fantastic cerebral impacts. An exceptionally energizing, mood lifting strain, Sour Diesel is incredible for giving you an explosion of productive energy. It additionally has notable destressing and pain-relieving impacts.

White Widow:

White Widow improves your mood, gives you energy, and relaxes you all at once. It’s said to help diminish pain and stress, and feelings of depression. In case you’re feeling exhausted, White Widow may help you with staying energized and alert.

Pineapple Express:

It has a pineapple-like aroma. It’s relaxing and mood lifting but on the other hand is said to give you an energetic buzz. This is the kind of strain that could be great for productivity.

Granddaddy Purple:

Granddaddy Purple is another highly relaxing strain. It’s frequently commended for its sleep deprivation battling and stress-reducing results. Users also note that it can make you feel euphoria and increase hunger, which is great if you are experiencing a lack of appetite.

Purple Kush: 

Purple Kush is incredible for actuating a state of bliss, so you feel relaced, cheerful, and sleepy. It’s frequently used for reducing pain and muscle spasms. Its sedating effects means it can be used to reduce sleep deprivation

LA Confidential:

LA Confidential is another relaxing and sleep-inducing strain that is often used to soothe insomnia. It’s also said to have noticeable anti-inflammatory and pain reducing effects, which makes it a favorite among individuals with chronic pain.

Afghan Kush:

Beginning from the Hindu Kush mountains close to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, Afghan Kush is very relaxing and sleep-inducing. This, as well, can help you with feeling hungry in case you’re experiencing lack of hunger, and can ease pain.

Acapulco Gold

Originating from Acapulco and Mexico, Acapulco Gold is an outstanding and exceptionally commended strain of cannabis. It’s prominent for its euphoria-inducing, energizing impacts. It’s said to lessen weakness, stress, pain, and even nausea.

Fruity Pebbles:

Fruity Pebbles OG, or FPOG, is associated with prompting happiness and relaxation, which could make it great for stress help. It often makes users feel giggly, reduces nausea, and builds appetite.

Super Silver Haze: 

Another empowering strain, Super Silver Haze is said to deliver feelings of euphoria, relieves pain and nausea, and lifts your mood. This makes it excellent for stress relief.

Maui Wowie: 

Maui Wowie can help you with feeling super relaxed, yet lively and creative. It lessens weakness, as well, making it incredible for quite a long time when you need to be productive.

Northern Lights:

Northern Lights is another relaxing, sleep-inducing strain. It’s also known for its mood lifting impacts, and it can be utilized to relieve a sleeping disorder, pain, stress, and depression.

Bubba Kush:

Bubba Kush is a relaxing, sleep-inducing strain. It’s ideal for helping you battle sleeping disorder and get some shut eye. It also offers pain reducing and stress relieving results.

Golden Goat:

Golden Goat is prominent for making users feel euphoric and creative. It’s also great for reducing fatigue and stress while lifting your mood.

While these various strains turned out to be progressively famous in 2019, there are an assortment of new strains entering the market that are sure to be top picks in the years to come.